Using Adobe® Photoshop® to prepare files for full colour printing

If you are using Adobe® Photoshop® to prepare your flyer, poster, postcard or business card for printing in Glasgow at Merchant City Print please use the following quick guide to creating an optimised PDF file. We can accept most file types Photoshop® can export, although PDF is the best format for high quality litho or digital printing.

Please use a resolution of around 300dpi. Any less and your flyer or poster may print blurry or pixellated, any higher and the file size will become needlessly large.

Preparing files in Adobe® Photoshop® for printing at Merchant City Print Glasgow

Photoshop export settings for PDF for printing in Glasgow at Merchant City Print.
  1. Start by using the built in ‘Press Quality’ preset available at the top of the PDF export window.
  2. Then uncheck ‘Preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities’
  3. Also uncheck ‘Optimise for Fast Web Preview’
  4. Now you can export your PDF and send it to Glasgow Cross Press in Glasgow for high quality colour printing.

When you haven your file ready please contact us to organise printing at Merchant City Print.

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