Adding Bleed for printing

When you send a job to Merchant City Print printers in Glasgow for flyer, poster or leaflet printing and you want the colours or images to bleed off the edge (i.e no white border between the printing and the edge of the paper) please follow these guidelines to ensure fast same day turn around for your printing order.

Allow your images and colours to overlap the edge of the page by at least 3mm on all four sides.

Illustration of setting up bleed on printed material  for Printers in Glasgow.

You can do this by increasing the size of your file for printing by 6mm on each dimension. Alternatively, if you’re using software that supports exporting PDF files with marks and bleeds, like Adobe® InDesign® add the extra 3mm over the edge of your page and ensure you select ‘Allow Bleeds’ or similar when exporting your PDF.

You can then send your files to us for fast printing in Glasgow city centre.